"Aluminium is endlessly recyclable losing none of its inherent properties during the recycling process as its structure is not damaged. Although aluminium is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust it is highly beneficial to recycle it"

Recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the energy required to process Aluminium from its raw ore, Bauxite. CO2 emissions are also drastically cut with recycling releasing only 5% of the CO2 released when processing from Bauxite. Aluminium's high value per tonne compared to other waste materials ensures that there are many commercial operations set up to collect and recycle aluminium.

Coppice Alupack is a member of The Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro). Alupro is a not for profit company which represents the leading aluminium packaging producers and reprocessors in the UK. Alupro's role is to ensure that packaging waste recycling targets are met through working with local authorities and other partners, and through public education. Alupro is also the body responsible for working with the government on recycling policy issues.