Coppice Alupack have a wide variety of Aluminium lids - Aluminium lids are a great accessory, essential to anyone working in the catering industry, and are also great for home use. 

Our Aluminium lids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for many different containers and trays.

We can produce and supply Foil backed lids, PE 2 sides lids and PET lids. 

We can also supply printed lids for an enhanced product appearance.

Aluminium Lidding Film

Coppice Alupack can supply Lidding Film suitable for all smoothwall containers, available in both Low Barrier and High Barrier specifications, with added anti-fog properties, we can supply in reel lengths from 100m+ in many widths.

Dimensions (mm)
Container Match
291TPL 527 x 326 290TPL Rectangular
3299PL 326 x 265 3268PL3274PL3276PL3269PL Rectangular
LID 320 PET 150 x 125 320SPL Rectangular
LID 360/365C-PET 220 x 150 362SPL365SPL368SPL Rectangular
LID 381 PET 220 x 130 381SPL383SPL Rectangular
LID 384 DOME PET 265 x 162 367SPL369SPL382SPL384SPL Rectangular
LID 386 DOME PET 293 x 193 386SPL388SPL Rectangular
LID PLTR 35cm OVLPET N/A PLTR 35cm OVAL Rectangular
LID PLTR 43cm OVLPET N/A PLTR 43cm OVAL Rectangular
LID205 139 x 114 205TPL Rectangular