Ovenable Board

Ovenable Board Containers are seen by many as the future for an environmentally friendly, low cost alternative to plastic trays. Coppice Alupack started producing Ovenable Board Trays in 1998 when Food Manufacturers and Processors were looking for a dual ovenable packaging medium that possessed all of the inherent qualities of expensive specialist plastics. 

Ovenable board can deal with extremes of temperature, can be chilled or frozen without the risk of cracking or splitting, can withstand heat of 220 °C for up to an hour. One of the advantages of ovenable board is that it does not lose any of its rigidity throughout the cooking process, so can be removed safely from the oven without the risk of spillage.

Trays are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be heat sealed with peelable film. Trays formed from ovenable board are dual ovenable, and so can be used in all microwave ovens.

Various thicknesses of board are available to suit different product weights. Trays can be produced with an internal PET coating as a barrier to grease, oils and water, or with plain board giving a fully recyclable product that will also biodegrade. Trays can also have an outside colour-wash to give a strong visual apprearance.

Top Out (mm)
Top In (mm)
Base (mm)
Depth (mm)
Capacity (cc3)
790-OPL 460 x 355 436 x 331 398 x 293 75 6000
294TPL 527 x 326 497 x 295 447 x 246 80 8500