Coppice Alupack have a wide variety of Saucer Containers - Saucer Containers are perfect for people who make pastry dishes and anyone working in the catering industry.

Our Saucer Containers are able to remain rigid in the oven. The Saucer Containers are available in a variety of sizes.

Top Out (mm)
Top In (mm)
Base (mm)
Depth (mm)
Capacity (cc3)
Rim Style
1901PL 126 113 71 18 143
1815PL 132 114 67 19 155
1820PL 137 121 83 20 164
1825PL 149 137 92 21 212
Code Full Name
VRE Vertical Raw Edge
VF Vertical Flange
RE Rolled Edge
RRE Reversed Rolled Edge
IVC Interrupted Vertical Curl
HE Hemmed Edge
FCV Full Curl Vertical
IVC / RAW Interrupted Vertical Curl / Raw Edge
IVC/RE Interrupted Vertical Curl / Rolled Edge
RAW Raw Edge
FC Full Curl